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Ladybird Exhibition

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Ladybird Series 1
Ladybird Series 2
Ladybird Series 3
Ladybird Series 4

Ladybird Series 5
Ladybird Series 6
Ladybird Series 7
Ladybird Series 8

The Long Note
The Dew Drop
Pink Poppies
Claddagh Swans

Curtain Call
The Last Race
Bearna Tern

Collection of Recent Work

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Galway Cultural Institute
Footbarn's Claddagh
Maria's Jellyfish
Pond with Pink Lillies
& Rushes

Heart of the Village
Blake's Castle
Bearna Pier
Tony's Catch

Fairy Lake
The Session
Mutton Island
Yellow Irises

Pond with Yellow Irises
An Beanna Beola
Fan Worms
Box Fish Puzzle

Swanning Around
Urchins Heaven
The Stone

Reef Symphony
Pink Poppies
Pink Cyclamen
Deep Sea Ballet

Kingfisher's View
Moon Babies
Field of Pink Poppies


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